Insulation Support Rings are used to hold the vertical load of pipe and vessel insulation and are required in most industrial and marine specifications.  Without Insulation Support Rings the weight of the insulation over time will drift down through vibration and gravity to case gaps in the insulation system.

GCM’s patent pending Insulation Support Rings have been tried and tested in many refineries, chemical plants, and marine applications without ever a failure being reported.  The ISR is a bolt on designed to hold during expansion and contraction of the pipe or vessel and usually made out of the same material as the pipe system to keep galvanic corrosion from happening.

All of our ISR’s are made from ¼ inch thick material and bent to shape without any welding.  The width of the rings are normally made to ½ inch less thickness of the insulation to keep the heat transfer off of the outer metal jacketing.  Also our rings are designed with cutouts for heat trace if desired.