The Page family has been owning and operating fabrication shops since the late 1970`s with industrial refineries, chemical plants and offshore marine as our main clientele.
At Thermal Supports, we take our customers’ needs seriously and know how to keep projects on time and on budget.

From industrial welding to the easiest fabrication,
We’ve Got You and Your Needs Covered.

Whatever your project consists of we have a stock of various materials on hand along with certified structural welders ready to jump right in and get started on your order!

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Cold Shoes & Cold Shoe Inserts

Our Cold Shoes are a specialized product line designed to hold up the weight of the pipe and product without compromising performance..

Insulation Support Rings

Our patent pending Insulation Support Rings have been tried and tested in many refineries, chemical plants, and marine applications without ever a failure being reported.

Personnel Protection Systems

Our Personnel Protection Systems are designed to securely hold either expanded metal or square wire away from hot surfaces to protect personnel from burns.


Our current product line consists, of but is not limited to:
Cold Shoes, Cold Shoe Inserts, Insulation Support Rings, Personnel Protection, Instrument Stands & Switch Racks,
Piping Accessories, Custom Fabrications.

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